Food Menu

Starters Price
Tod Mun Pla Homemade fish pancakes £5.95
Gai Satay Chicken satay £5.95
Paw Pia Tod (V) Vegetable crispy spring rolls £5.95
Jeeb Koong Prawn&pork steamed wontons £5.95
Fried Tofu & Dipping Sauce (V) Crispy fried tofu £5.95
Fried Chinese Dumplings Crispy dumplings mixed with prawn & pork £5.95
Peek Gai Fried chicken wings £5.95
Moo Yang Grilled pork with homemade sauce £5.95
Esan Sausages Deep fried thai sour pork sausage served with cabbage & chilli £5.95
Salads - Zapp Thai Price
Larb Woon Sen Glass noodles mixed with minced pork, prawn, squid, onion, coriander & Thai herbs in spicy lime dressing £11.95
Yum Woon Sen Glass noodles mixed with minced pork, prawn, squid, onion & coriander in a spicy lime dressing £11.95
Larb Moo Minced pork with onion & thai herbs in a spicy lime dressing £11.95
Moo-Moo Sliced BBQ pork mixed with red onion, rice powder, chili powder, basil leaves in spicy lime dressing £11.95
Larb Salmon Salmon spicy salad £12.95
Hoi Tod Crispy fried mussel pancakes £11.95
Yum Pla duk foo Crispy fried fish salad with sliced green apple £11.95
Sashimi Gung Prawn sashimi with special spicy fish sauce £11.95
Papaya Salad Price
Somtam Thai (V) Sliced green papaya, string beans, tomatoes, carrots & peanuts tossed in a spicy lime dressing £10.95
Tum Ta-lay Papaya salad with seafood £12.95
Som tum Pla Ra Sliced green papaya, string beans, tomatoes, carrots in spicy fermented fish dressing £10.95
Turn Tard A combo set of special papaya salad served in a tray, surrounded by fresh vegetables, boiled egg, fned chicken & Thai sausage £17.95
Stir Fried Price
Muk Pud Kai Kem Stir fried squid with salted eggs £13.50
Pad Pong Curry (V) Thai herb yellow curry accompanied with egg, prawns, squid, bell peppers and celery £13.50
Pla Lard Prik Deep fried fish with sweet Thai chilli sauce £14.95
Pla Nung Ma Now Steamed fish with spicy chilli sauce £14.95
Pad Pak Boong (V) Stir fried Chinese morning glory £9.50
Ka Paw (V) Your choice of chicken, mince pork or seafood sauteed with bell peppefs and fresh basil leaves in a spicy chili garlic sauce. £10.95
Pa Nang (V) Your choice of chicken or pork in a pa-nang curry peanut sauce. £11.50
Moo Kra Tiem Your choice of chicken or pork with a touch of garlic and white pepper. £11.95
Pad Puk Ruam (V) Mixed vegetables in a light garlic sauce. £9.50
Soup & Curry Price
Green Curry (V) Your choice of chicken or pork in a green coconut curry with bamboo shoots, bell peppers & basil leaves £10.95
Tom Yum Koong Spicy broth with prawn in lemongrass, galangal roots, kaffir lime leaves with mushrooms & tomatoes £10.95
Red Curry (V) Your choice of chicken or pork in a red coconut curry with bamboo shoots, bell peppers & basil leaves £10.95
Special Duck Red Curry Special roasted duck in red curry with pineapple, tomato, grapes & thai herbs £11.95
Tom-Kha Spicy coconut broth with chicken, lemongrass, gaiangal roots, kaffir lime leaves, mushrooms & tomatoes £10.95
Massaman (V) Tender pork or chicken slowly cooked in creamy coconut massaman curry with onions, potatoes & peanuts £10.95
A LA CARTE - Noodles Price
Classic Pad Thai (V) Stir-fry thin rice noodles with egg, bean sprout & scallions seasoned with tamarind & crushed peanuts (Prawn/ chicken/ tofu/pork) £10.95
Pad See Eew (V) Stir-fry wide rice noodles, egg and choi sum in soy sauce £10.95
Lard Na (V) Your choice of chicken/pork/seafood with choi sum, baby corn, carrot in a light black bean gravy sauce over pan-fried wide rice noodles £11.95
Kuay Teaw Tom Yum Moo Authentic Spicy Noodles Soup with minced pork, sliced pork, minced pork, choi sum seasoned with vinegar, chili, ground peanut, green oinion, coriander, fried garlic & pepper £11.95
Ba Mee Moo Dang Egg noodles with BBQ pork, wontons, choi sum, coriander, fried garlic & pepper £10.95
Ba Mee Ped Yang Shredded roasted duck served with egg noodles, choi sum and coriander in a tasty duck broth £10.95
Ba Mee Moo Krob Egg noodles with crispy pork belly, choi sum, coriander, fried garlic & pepper £11.95
Tom yum koong noodles An exotic coconut tom yum soup with egg noodle, prawn, squid, fish balls and crispy wontons £12.95
Yen Ta Fo Rice noodles with squid, fish ball, prawn, crispy wontons in fermented soy bean sauce, topped with fried garlic £10.95
Rice Price
Kao Mun Gai Hainanese poached chicken & seasoned white rice £9.50
Kao Pad Sapparot Thai Royal pineapple fried rice with prawns, pineapple, raisin, bell peppers and onions £12.95
Kao Pad Tom Yum Koong Prawns stir-fry with tom yum chilli paste, steamed rice, onions, tomatoes, lemongrass, mushroom and spring onions £10.95
Kao Moo Dang BBQ pork in homemade sweet sauce with rice £9.50
Kao Moo Krob Crispy pork with rice serve with homemade sauce £11.50
Kao Na Ped Homemade roasted duck with steamed rice £10.95
Kao Ka Paw (V) Steamed rice topped with stir-fry minced pork/sliced chicken, onions, holy basil, bell peppers in spicy oyster sauce £9.50
Kao Ka Moo Stewed pork leg with steamed rice, serve with spicy homemade sauce £11.50
Kao Pad (V) Thai style fried rice with egg, onions, tomatoes, spring onions and choi sum. Your choice of pork, chicken, prawns or tofu £9.50
Sides Price
Steamed Rice - £3.25
Thai Rice Noodles - £3.25
Sticky Rice - £3.95
Fried Rice with Egg - £3.95
Chips - £3.95
Fried Egg - £1.80
Coconut rice - £3.95
Children's Meals Price
Chicken Nuggets & Chips - £5.50
Fish Fingers & Chips - £5.50